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June 28, 2019

OBP Successfully Adds Pilgrim’s To Its Client Bucket List

OBP to partner with leading global poultry & prepared food company Pilgrim's.

What came first: the chicken or the agency? Pilgrim’s and its 70 years of leading global poultry production are officially partnering with OBP to grow the company’s connection between its brands and consumers.

“OBP’s mix of creativity and data-driven execution was the right match for our business,” said Kelsie McEndaffer, public relations and communications manager at Pilgrim’s. “We are focused on expanding awareness of the unique benefits our brand portfolio brings to the market. Right from the start, OBP understood what was important to our team and worked to move us closer to our goals.”

The excitement is definitely shared on our side of the road too.

“Pilgrim’s sets the gold standard for poultry products and flavor profiles based on consumer insights,” said Michael Whitmer, group director at OBP. “Our experience telling brand stories in a way that resonates with key consumers will have a direct benefit on their strategic outcomes and ultimately produce sales.”

We have such a vast array of clients, and now we get to tend to the needs of a poultry company. You could say that we are officially chicken tenders.* Yumm.

*DISCLAIMER: We are getting all of our chicken puns out now, and thus, will not be replicated in the eggsecution of future campaigns.

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