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May 1, 2019

OBP Wins Hollywood Gold At Nationals

OBP wins gold ADDY at the National American Advertising Awards.

It’s always nice to win big in Hollywood. Our fundraising campaign with War Horses For Veterans won a Gold ADDY at the National American Advertising Awards in Hollywood, FL, on June 7.

War Horses For Veterans is a nonprofit organization that brings combat veterans from across the country together in a safe and peaceful environment. The award-winning campaign raised awareness for the organization’s mission, and the fact that they operate on 100 percent of donations.

“Working with War Horses For Veterans has been a privilege for our team as we’ve all been able to understand the military in an entirely new light and gain a huge level of respect for veterans who have served our country,” said Adnan Sabic, Chief Creative Officer of OBP. “We are thrilled to receive a national ADDY Award and hope it inspires people to research War Horses For Veterans and introduce the organization to family members, friends and neighbors who have served in the military.”

We would like to thank the American Advertising Awards for their selection. They are one of the industry’s largest creative competitions, attracting nearly 35,000 professional and student entries each year through local club competitions. It’s an honor.

We would also like to dedicate this award to Martin Scorcese and the 2012 Oscar snub for ‘War Horse.’ Mr. Scorcese, we would love to collaborate with you on our next campaign.

A poster advertisement for War Horses for Veterans. A horse, photographed in black and white, stands in the foreground with its neck, head, and top of back visible. The advertisement text reads "Sometimes the best way to calm a soldier, is a 2,100lb animal."

A poster advertisement for War Horses for Veterans. A horse stands in the foreground with just its back visible. It's wearing a saddle. The text reads "It's time to life our veterans up. 5 1/2 ft. tends to get the best results."

A poster advertisement for War Horses for Veterans. You can see the top of a horse's head in the foreground, including its ears, eyes, and the bridge of its nose. There is text pictured next to the horse's left ear that reads "Often, the best way to get a soldier talking". There is a red "speaker with three sound waves" emoji after the text. On the other side of the horse, next to its right ear, is a red "speaker with cancellation stroke" emoji followed by the text: "Is silence."

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