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Standing out in a sea of look-alikes.


Travel & Tourism

Key Outcomes

1B impressions for a state named Mo

Whatever you want in a vacation, there’s a Missouri for how you operate. The catch: MO isn’t the only state touting variety. Enter Mo — a genial, welcoming guide who can pair any visitor with their perfect travel M-O.


  • American Advertising Awards
  • HSMAI Adrian Awards
  • Regional Emmy® Awards
  • Telly Awards


To increase visitors to the state and make a bigger economic impact, Missouri needed to expand its reach to new audiences and get them to consider MO as a viable destination.


Testing showed travelers saw Missouri as an easygoing and affordable destination with a variety of things to see and do. But a review of the competitive landscape revealed other states were touting the same attributes. A montage of pretty scenery and smiling people wasn’t going to help MO stand out.


We created a character to embody Missouri and all it has to offer. Just as different people seek different experiences on vacations, there’s a different Mo for everyone’s M-O (modus operandi).




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3 Outdoor Mo
3 Wine Mo
6 Culture Mo
6 Live Music Mo
6 Cave Mo
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8 Mo Multi
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