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Advertisement showing a woman enjoying a variety of activities in Missouri, such as bird watching, visiting an amusement park, dining, tailgating, and visiting the Gateway Arch.
May 18, 2021

OBP Launches Tourism Campaign to Invite Visitors to the Show-Me State

Campaign features a fun and friendly tour guide concept by OBP to help visitors find their travel M-O.

OBP debuted “That’s My M-O,” a new integrated marketing communications campaign in March 2021 for the Missouri Division of Tourism. We created the campaign and safely filmed it during the summer of 2020 in collaboration with local production partners. The campaign’s purpose is to help inspire safe tourism across the state based on travelers’ interests.

While Missouri’s attractions are the stars, the campaign introduces Mo, the state’s fun and friendly tour guide, to help travelers discover experiences that fit their interests and ensure they create lasting memories as they plan their future Missouri adventures. With engaging print, digital, TV, outdoor and digital elements, the campaign inspires visitors to discover their travel M-O at VisitMo.com. Mo recommends vacation spots based on travelers’ interests, as different characters such as Family Fun Mo, Foodie Mo, Culture Mo and more. After clicking on a category, visitors find a wealth of resources to plan a Missouri adventure specific to their interests.

The unique opportunity to safely film the campaign efficiently and thoughtfully during the early months of the COVID pandemic enabled our team to demonstrate resilience and perseverance. Check out the behind-the-scenes video about the concept and creativity in bringing the campaign to life.

We understand and respect everyone’s appetite for travel is different right now. The Jefferson City News Tribune shared about the campaign and how it helps showcase what the state has to offer for those interested in visiting. When folks are ready to travel, we hope they consider Missouri.

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