pos·si·bil·i·ty n.   One that is capable of being chosen or of being made real.

Meet the team that sets the tone.


Lisa Lawless

Experiential Associate Production Director

Suzan Knese

Chief Operating Officer

Dan Brindley

Group Creative Director
Ashlyn Woo headshot

Ashlyn Woo

IT Intern
Katie Rice headshot

Katie Rice

SEO Supervisor

Haley Hudson

Quality Assurance Manager
Kim Rosenthal headshot

Kim Rosenthal

Associate Product Owner

Colton Boyd

Account Manager

Jake Piel

Group Account Director
Jason Golfing and enjoying wine

Jason Wynne

Group Director, Marketing Technology

Jade Lorton

Email Marketing Supervisor

Jennifer Wilken

Associate Public Relations Director
Claudia Vizcaino headshot

Claudia Vizcaino

Account Director

Tammy Cheatham

Broadcast/Video Services Director

Amanda Moran

Director of Human Resources

Molly Weber

Senior Vice President, Account Management

Anna Karpinski

Art Director

Bradley Pond

Information Technology Director

Arleen Sillman

Financial Manager

Jaelyn Peckman

Account Supervisor

Bob Wells

Creative Director

Phoebe Booher

Account Associate
Carmen Fenton headshot

Carmen Fenton

Public Relations Director

Marlana Marts

Associate Media Director

Jared McMorris

Software Engineer
Alana Skogen headshot

Alana Skogen

Content Technology Associate
Nicole Schulenburg headshot

Nicole Schulenburg

Associate Public Relations Director

Krysten Maldonado

Account Director
Maggie Glidewell headshot

Maggie Glidewell

Associate Director, Project Management
Liby Navarro headshot

Liby Navarro

Business Development Intern
Annee Mattson headshot

Annee Mattson

Karlie Broders headshot

Karlie Broders

Project Manager

Kelly McGough

Copy Editor

Kristen Zbichorski

Group Account Director
Al Fava headshot

Al Fava

Public Relations Director

Faith Mills

Media Manager

Matt Meszaros

Information Technology Associate

Tori Cox

Associate Account Director
Erin Stubbs headshot

Erin Stubbs

Business Growth Director

Steve Kozel

Senior Vice President, Strategy, Media and Marketing Technology
Sara Sexton headshot

Sara Sexton

Account Director

Lauren Foust

Paid Search Supervisor

Donna Guarriello

Finance Coordinator

Richard Fordyce

Business Growth Director, Agriculture

Katy Walker

Group Creative Director
Kaitlyn Blan headshot

Kaitlyn Blan

Social Media Art Director Intern
Ethan Jones headshot

Ethan Jones

Social Media Content Creator Intern
Zach Hicks headshot

Zach Hicks

Group Creative Director, Experiential

Jeremy Leber

Associate Analytics Director

Eric Noll

Project Manager

Tyler Leiweke

Art Director

Eric Tatham

Creative Director

Margaret Faintich

Group Account Director
Laura Hornbeck headshot

Laura Hornbeck

Art Director Intern

Valeria Santiago López

Account Intern

Katie Boyd

Executive Business Manager
Admiral Shipp

Jason Shipp

Executive Creative Director
Jess Bellatti headshot

Jessica Bellatti

UX/UI Designer
Nino Cipriano headshot

Nino Cipriano

Videographer/Editor/Motion Designer Intern
Isabella Cox Headshot

Bella Cox

Account Intern

Chris Smith

Associate Creative Director

Sonja Graham

Senior Vice President, Finance and Information Technology
Mallory McCormick headshot

Mallory McCormick

HR Manager
Jameson Elder headshot

Jameson Elder

Product Manager
Samuel Mims headshot

Samuel Mims

Account Intern

Rhonda Ries


John Roth

Group Production Director, Experiential
Zoe Wendler headshot

Zoe Wendler

Account Supervisor

Alex Menz

Strategy Director

Wayne Carlson

Group Strategy Director
Joselyn Howell headshot

Joselyn Howell

Strategy Director

Jody Sadler

Vice President, Media Strategy Director
DeJuan Waters headshot

DeJuan Waters

Information Technology Associate

Saameri Anderson

UX/UI Associate

Randy Myers

Public Relations Director
Lauren Casey headshot

Lauren Casey

Public Relations Intern
Troy Gostyla headshot

Troy Gostyla

Social Media Copywriter Intern
Baylee Cummins headshot

Baylee Cummins

Associate Content Technology Director
Elizabeth Mendoza headshot

Elizabeth Mendoza

Copywriting Intern
DeeDee Camozzi headshot

DeeDee Camozzi

Director of Project Management
Erik Ellinger headshot

Erik Ellinger

Finance Intern

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