Tim Lindstedt


Tim Lindstedt

Director of Client Services

With a strong background in brand strategy, business development and product marketing, Tim joins OBP in leading clients with solutions and support. Throughout his career, Tim has executed insight and data-driven ideas connecting people to products and has vast experience driving purchase decisions in everything from baseball to bio-tech.

When are you happiest? What are you doing?

That's easy. In the Jeep, heading to play some golf or with the family at the beach.

Is there a particular moment during your time at OBP that stands out as a specific highlight?

Our Rural Spirit Awards celebration was quite a moment. I've never been part of a professional organization that walks its talk like OBP does with that event.

What do you enjoy most working with clients as an employee of OBP?

I love the diversity of the challenges our clients present to us. The trust they put in us to help them with those challenges makes our job exciting.