Matt Burch


Matt Burch

VP/Content Strategy Director

Matt leads OBP's content strategy and creation offering out of our Nashville office. His background is long and diverse, with stints in story development, journalism and late-night TV. His work has been recognized by numerous publications, including AAF-Nashville, which awarded him Copywriter of the Year in 2018. He has two kids, two dogs, one wife, one mortgage and one unrelenting case of existential dread that he and his analyst(s) are working on.

When are you happiest? What are you doing?

I like hanging with my family and making things. The order of these depends on the day and if my children are yelling at me.

Is there a particular moment during your time at OBP that stands out as a specific highlight?

I only make highlights, ya know. I get to make killer work with my best friends (clients included). The awards and accolades are great, too. (I require a lot of validation, as everyone who works with me knows.)

Where do you see the future of content marketing going? What is its potential?

All brands are entertainment brands. Your content is competing with everything on Netflix, HBO, Instagram, et al, so it better be good and it better have a purpose and a point of view. We're in this to get attention and move people to action. The biggest risk is not taking one.