Amy Kaczynski


Amy Kaczynski

VP/Media Strategy Director

Working out of our Nashville office, Amy is responsible for the work in development, direction, management and profitability of our media department. Her 15+ years of marketing experience across media, account management and public relations allow her to understand not only strategic media buying and placement but also how it affects other marketing and advertising efforts. Her experience ranges across multiple verticals including tourism, education, agriculture.

When are you happiest? What are you doing?
You can find me out on a sunny day hiking a beautiful new trail.

Who is someone you admire, and why?

My parents. They taught me to be strong, kind and to always follow my gut.

How are technology advancements impacting the way brands connect with audiences? Are there any that you are particularly excited about?
Brands can now connect with consumers on a level that provides a more pure selling point. Targeting individuals with hyper-relevant content, while layering in larger brand-building messaging, makes for an exciting time to work in marketing.